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Friday, September 7, 2007

My Dreams of Marriage

I have always dreamt of being a happy and satisfied person with my life partner like any other girl would dream of and enjoy my life to the fullest so that at the end of my life i donot have to regret that i have missed some things in my life.

I wish for a caring person who can take care of me like a baby, love me from the core of his heart with all respect and dignity, never hurt my self respect. I have to suffer a lot in my childhood because of my shy and introvert nature, so i wished for a person who can understand me even if i donot say anything, he can understand by looking at me or else never misunderstand me because my family always used to misunderstand me and always think the other way which i never meant to be. He would be a intelligent person who can take decisions by his own of course with my consultation or advice, on whom i can rely on, feel confident that he will always take a right decision, the reason being that due to my upbringing and restrictions, i am not so much confident about my decisions or even say that i am very confused on what to do or not, so i need a guidance or lightening to decide anything. I needed a mature person so that i can he knows how to handle life difficulties and worse situations with ease and peacefully and can take care of his family too in need of distress. I wish to enjoy life to the fullest, travel to new places and know about at least India if not possible foreign countries, have a luxurious life or at least that much which is the necessity to maintain a standard of living. I am not extravagant but feel that i donot have to think a lot if i need anything in life for happy and prosperous living. He should be a joyfull and humorous person who can keep a happy environment at home so that we feel that we are living in a pleasant environment and never feel stressed. And the most important thing which is the base of a happy marriage i.e. a very very romantic and sensible person who knows how to make love to his wife in a very pleasing, decent and romantic way and think about her feelings too, not only his so that he can make her happy and fulfill all her desires because if he take care of his wife feelings then only his wife can fulfill his necessities. The saying is there that "Man make love to have sex and woman make sex to have love." I donot want him to be like this saying because I hate it. I donot think i am very much demanding in relationship, anybody else in this world could have the same dream. I hope so, what you people say.


Anonymous said...

i read ur story very badly
if u r interested pls contact

Sarika said...

thanks for stopping by and leaving ur comment but for what interest you are talking about. pl specify

Padma said...

Nice write up. My life also same. Except yours is going in a nice way. As for me, my husband is a mammas boy and we fought because of his mother and now seperated.

I get tears when i read those lovely details written by you. I get reminded of them what happened in my life too. Very similar.

We will be getting divorced soon. What to do. Sometimes life ends miserably. I advice you to ignore small things/ mistakes in life and concentrate on your beautiful child.
Take care.

Sarika said...

Thanks for writing to me. I feel very bad when someone ruins a girls life only because of small things.

Its gud that you have taken a right step, its gud to live alone instead of living in a hell marriage. Life never ends, i suggest you to start ur new life again.

I am a single mother now taking full care of my child.

You too take care.